Huntington Housing Rehabilitation Program

Providing assistance to keep your home in good repair and compliance with city housing codes.

How to receive assistance through Project Shine.


Complete an application – either online or hard copy


Provide appropriate documentation


Submit completed application and all documentation

The Application Timeline for 2022 is from March 22 – April 28.

Project Shine in Huntington, WV

Project Shine is a housing rehabilitation program through the City of Huntington designed to provide assistance in keeping your home in good repair and compliance with city housing codes.

You may be eligible to apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your home is located in Huntington city limits
  • You are the owner and live in your home
  • You meet specific income eligibility limits
  • Mortgage payment, taxes, municipal and refuse fees are current
  • Application and supporting documentation completed

    For every home we work on for Project Shine we will have two 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms that the Huntington fire department will install for those that would like them or need them. This is part of a project the Huntington Fire Department is conducting with the Red Cross, who is providing the smoke alarms.

    Project Shine will provide carbon monoxide detectors available upon request.

    The types of assistance available through Huntington’s Project Shine:

      • Roofs
      • Eaves (fascia, soffits, gutters and downspouts)
      • Weatherization (window and door sealing)
      • Siding/Exterior Walls
      • Porches/Floors/Handrails
      • Wheelchair Ramps
      • Paint/Stain
      • Exterior Lighting

    The City of Huntington partners with a variety home repair volunteer programs based on approved applicants specific repair needs.

    The City of Huntington will evaluate applications for this project regardless of race, sex, color, religion, family status, national origin or existing handicap.

    Driven by Volunteers

    Exterior work will be completed by four volunteer work camps bringing 1,000 to 1,200 youth and adult volunteers. Housing accommodations will be provided by local churches and Marshall University.  Work camps consist of the following:

    • Group Work Camp headquartered in Fort Collins, CO
    • Mission Serve headquartered in Alpharetta, GA
    • World Changers headquartered in Cookeville, TN
    • Appalachian Service Project headquartered in Johnson City, TN