Apply for Assistance


Please complete the attached application. Make sure to sign and date the application. The cut-off date for applications is May 28, 2021.

Please provide the following documentation:

  • Income verification for ANY household member who receives any yearly income. Income Verification means you must provide copies of the last three (3) months of consecutive check stubs/documentation for EACH household member who is working or receives any income such as a paycheck, self employment income, SSI, Social Security, retirement pensions, Workers Compensation, child support, housing voucher, nutrition assistance, interest on savings, rent from property owned, etc.OR a signed copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax return for ALL members of the household who must file.
  • Copy of your Certificate of Insurance (property/fire). We may also request a copy of your deed if deemed necessary to verify ownership.


Submit the completed application and documentation

IN-PERSON: You can deliver the application and all documentation in person on the Lower Level Room 7 of City Hall, 800 5th Avenue.

BY MAIL: You can mail the completed application and all documentation to the City of Huntington, Planning & Development, PO Box 1659, Huntington, WV 25717 or email to

ONLINE: You can complete an application on the Project Shine website ( – you will need to scan and submit supporting documentation via the website.


Please call the City of Huntington at (304) 696-4418 or email

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The Application Process for 2021 has closed.