Assistance Information

Project Shine is a housing rehabilitation program through the City of Huntington Planning and Development Department designed to provide free assistance with minor home exterior repairs or accessibility upgrades. Our goal is to complete 75 exterior repairs.

The City of Huntington partners with a variety of home repair volunteer programs based on approved applicants specific repair needs.

The City of Huntington will evaluate applications for this project regardless of race, sex, color, religion, family status, national origin or existing handicap.

Household Size Income Limit

Based on annual gross household income

Number in Household
Maximum Income
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6 persons
7 persons
8 persons

Eligibility Requirements

Homeowners may be eligible to apply if they meet the following requirements:

  • Have not received any work through Project Shine
  • Your home is located in Huntington city limits
  • You are the owner and live in your home
  • Municipal and refuse fees are current
  • Application and required documentation completed

Application Timeline

  • 2024 Applications are being accepted from January 8 – February 2, 2024.

Contact Information

To find out more about Project Shine eligibility requirements, guidelines, and application process visit:

(304) 696-5540 ext. 2215


Find out if your home is located in the current target areas.

The following link will determine if a House is located within the project boundaries.  Use the search tool to type in the street address (City & State not needed) and a dot will be placed in the center of the screen.  If the area is purple the house in “In” the project boundary.  However if it close to the border please contact us for further determination.

Phone: (304) 696-5540 ext. 2215


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I QUALIFY to receive free housing rehab?


STEP 1–You must meet the Pre-Qualification Standards

  • Your property must be located within the Huntington City limits
  • You must own and live in the home
  • Municipal and refuse fees must be current
  • You must meet specific income eligibility limits

If you meet the above requirements, continue with Step 2

STEP 2–Apply

  • Complete the application
  • Provide income documentation
  • Submit the completed application and documentation by February 2, 2024
  • Wait for notification from the City—a letter will be sent to each applicant in early May informing you if your application was approved or denied
Question 2: Is there A FEE for any work performed at my house?

Answer: No.  City and volunteer workcamps pay for materials and provide labor.

Question 3: Must I OWN MY HOME to receive free housing rehabilitation?

Answer:  Yes.  Work will be performed only on owner occupied homes.

Question 4: What TYPE OF WORK can be performed at my home?

Answer:  Siding, exterior walls, porches, handrails, roofs, windows, doors, walkways, eaves (fascia, soffits, gutters and downspouts), landscaping, wheelchair ramps.

Note: Roofs must be examined by the City prior to any work being approved.

Question 5: What TYPE OF WORK CANNOT be performed?

Answer: No mechanical work can be performed such as heating/cooling systems, plumbing, electrical and foundations. NO INDOOR WORK WILL BE PERFORMED.

Question 6: As a homeowner, what is MY RESPONSIBILITY?

Answer: Communicate all requests to the City’s Project Manager not to the laborers.  All pets must be restrained by the homeowner. Homeowners are requested to assist with cleanup of the worksite during and after completion of work. 

Question 7: What is the TIMELINE for this volunteer housing rehab program for 2024?


  • Applications may be submitted from January 8 to February 2, 2024.
  • Approval/Denial letters will be mailed after receipt of application and review.
  • Volunteer work camps begin in June and continue through the end of July. Homeowners will be notified which work camp will be working on their home and the date of their arrival.
Question 8: Once my application has been approved by the City with the award letter, CAN I ALTER THE SCOPE OF WORK?

Answer:  No.  Materials are being ordered in conformance with the owner’s housing application.

Question 9: Once MATERIALS are delivered to my house, what is my responsibility?

Answer:  You must be present when the materials are delivered.

Question 10: What COVID provisions must be met by homeowner, volunteers and City workers?

Answer:  Current CDC COVID guidelines must be adhered to by all parties.

Question 11: Who is responsible for LEFTOVER BUILDING MATERIALS?

Answer: The City will reclaim leftover materials and return them to the supplier for credit.

Question 12: Who is responsible for removing GARBAGE AND DEBRIS?

Answer: If possible, the homeowner will bring all garbage and debris to the curb and the City will remove it.

Question 13: Will work performed be at CONTRACTOR GRADE?

Answer:  No.  Workcamp volunteers perform exceptional work.  Work is primarily performed by high school/college students under the supervision of skilled/licensed professionals.

Question 14: Who do I contact if I am DISSATISFIED with the work performed on my home?

Answer:  The Project Manager should be contacted.
Mr. Shannon Stephens
(304) 696-5540 ext.2215

Question 15: Is there a BUILDING PERMIT required for the free housing rehabilitation?

Answer:  Yes, but no fees will be charged since Project Shine is a city led initiative. The group performing the work willl obtain the permit.

Question 16: Are there BUILDING CODE provisions that must be met by the workcamps group?

Answer:  Yes.  The workcamp groups will work with City Inspectors to review projects to ensure building code compliance.

Question 17: Can the homeowner, neighbor or OTHER PARTY ASSIST with housing rehab?

Answer:  No. Workcamps carry liability insurance for ONLY their volunteers.

Question 18: Who provides the TOOLS, ladders and other required equipment?

Answer:  The workcamp group will furnish all tools, ladders and other equipment.

Question 19: Who makes up the WORKCAMP GROUPS?

Answer:  Workcamp groups are non-profit organizations that are connected with many churches and non-profit groups across the United States.  Workcamp groups consist of volunteers from high school and college students with mentors from their church or other organizations. A list of work camps scheduled to serve in Huntington can be found on our website at

Question 20: What is the CITY'S ROLE with the free voluntary housing rehab program?

Answer:  The City assists workcamp groups with site selection, materials, housing, equipment, building code compliance/education, permitting and resource advocates.

Question 21: Is there a WARRANTY for work performed on the house?

Answer: No warranty is provided for the work performed by the volunteers on the home.

Question 22: Who is responsible for MAINTENANCE of the repair upon completion of the work?

Answer: The homeowner is responsible for any subsequent maintenance.

Question 23: If my application is denied this year, could I REAPPLY next year?

Answer:  Yes, if the City determines your neighborhood is eligible in 2025 and you meet all other requirements.

COVID-19 Disclaimer-The City of Huntington is monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic closely, and reserves the right to modify, reduce or eliminate any portion of the Project Shine program in order to be compliant with orders of the State of West Virginia issued in response to Covid-19 or if such changes are deemed necessary to protect homeowners, volunteers and/or staff.